Lorenz Kraus

When asked what will it take to beat President Trump, presidential candidate Lorenz Kraus’s response is to “be a true nationalist.”

Lorenz Kraus, a 2020 presidential candidate on the New Hampshire ballot as a Democrat, lives in Albany N.Y., where he grew up. 

“I began to learn about politics rather early, at five years old. When my father asked me to point out the guy on TV, it was Jimmy Carter,” says Kraus in a phone interview.

Primaries are set for Feb. 11. The state primaries are a series of electoral contests to help choose which candidate gets the nomination to run against Trump in the fall.

Growing into a teenager, Kraus did not affiliate with either major party. 

“I didn’t identify as a Democrat or Republican, I wanted to develop a way of thinking about politics.”

His research led him to study Austrian economics.

“The themes of my campaign are good faith nationalism.”

Although President Trump has described himself as a “nationalist,” Kraus, whose website, kraus2020, peddles anti-Semitic views and conspiracy theories, disagrees.

Kraus’s website is layered with anti-semetic memes, and Kraus calls for meme creators to partake in spreading these views. A section of Kraus’s website, memeworks, describes winning the upcoming election as “may the best meme win”.

Kraus called Trump a “lunatic zionist waving a gun in everyones face,” when asked if he was a nationalist 

Temple University Jewish Studies and Gender Professor, Laura. S. Levitt, wrote “American Jewish Loss after the Holocaust”, and “Jews and Feminism”, overall dedicating her career with uncovering the history of the Holocaust, and Jewish studies.

When asked to read Kraus’s website, banjews.com, Levitt  said it does not deserve any analytical analysis.

“A website simply entitled ‘Ban Jews’ is not something that deserves serious critical engagement,” Levitt said. “As Deborah Lipstadt has argued, one does not critically engage with those whose basic premise is already formed and does not leave any space for thoughtful discussion.” 

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