The press tells us about the leading contenders for president: Trump, Biden, Sanders, Warren, Buttigieg, and other national figures. But did you know that more than two dozen other candidates are running for president? To get on the New Hampshire ballot, if you are an American who is 35 years old or older, all you need is $1000 and a dream. We hear plenty about the major candidates. This project is an attempt to profile all of the other presidential hopefuls on the New Hampshire ballot.

Rick Kraft

A Presidential Commitment to Unity Rick Kraft- born to a missionary family working in Nigeria, resides as one of the top lawyers in New Mexico, is happily married to his wife Tanya, and is challenging Donald Trump, along with 48 other candidates, in the race

Reports from New Hampshire

A Call for Consistency


2020 has been a year of diversification throughout the Democratic field. The faces of liberalism are anything but ordinary in the progressive effort to unseat presidential incumbent Donald Trump. Throughout this election cycle however, voters believe that politicians have become disingenuousness in their policy making-

New Hampshire Primary: Sanders Pulls Great Support


The Democratic party is getting closer to selecting its presidential candidate. Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary was the first in the nation, following the Iowa Caucus. Democrats spent weeks crisscrossing the “Live Free or Die” state in an attempt to convince undecided voters of their merit.

A Look into the New Political Spectrum


On the eve of the NH primaries, Donald Trump held a rally in Manchester. Outside, the snowy streets were lined with tents selling hats, tshirts, flags, signs, pins, scarves, and gloves with his campaign logos and likeness. But his supporters walked on, already prepared, dressed