Paul V. LaCava

The Massachusetts Professor Running for President.

Immigration, education, and support for the elderly are the three concerns addressed by Paul V. LaCava during an interview. 

Paul V. LaCava, 72, is a Worcester, Mass. native running for president as a Democrat. LaCava is a professor of psychology and sociology at Anna Maria College in Paxton, Mass., and at Quinsigamond Community College in Worcester, Mass. LaCava resides in the city of Worcester alongside his wife Joan, a retired nurse. 

LaCava graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in Psychology from Worcester State University. LaCava then earned an MBA from Anna Maria College. 

During his early life, one of LaCava’s first jobs was working as a street counselor for the homeless. During a phone interview, LaCava talked about forming a part of the Public Inebriate Program, the first homeless center in his city of Worcester. Where he started off working as a street counselor but was then promoted to director of operations. During the early 1980s, LaCava left his position as director of operations to become executive director of the March of Dimes, a nonprofit organization that “is dedicated to funding lifesaving research, providing programs and education and advocating for vital health equality…,” according to the March of Dimes online site. 

“I was brought up that way in my family. Giving and working to better others is kind of a very rewarding philosophy…attitude,” LaCava stated when asked why he liked helping others. 

During the interview, LaCava talked about two foundations he has founded. Which is Planting the Seed Foundation which LaCava stated is a foundation focused on homelessness. The second one is the 365Z Foundation which LaCava stated focuses on kindness. 

Around 2008, LaCava and seven others were picked by the State Department to do an assessment on the resources in Liberia. LaCava stated that these assessments were focused on things such as the country’s hospital and workforce infrastructure. When asked what he took from that experience, he stated that Liberia was a beautiful country but that it was sad seeing how ramped the poverty was. 

LaCava never originally planned to run for president. He stated his main reason for running for president is due to his students. 

 “You don’t need to be well connected or rich to run for office,” LaCava stated when asked what he wanted his students to take from this experience. 

“I wanted them to believe that whatever you can dream, you can think, you can do it. You may not be guaranteed the outcome, but you can do it,” LaCava stated. 

When asked how his students reacted to his bid for presidency, he stated that they were “surprised.” 

The first issue addressed by LaCava is immigration. LaCava believes that the borders should be closed, and we should move our focus to the undocumented immigrants already in our country. He followed this by stating how he would address this issue. 

“All of the undocumented people in our country right now [would] have a period of time where they can register to start a path to citizenship,” LaCava stated. 

Under his government, LaCava stated that undocumented immigrants would have a flexible time frame to register, and once completed they would have the opportunity to have all the benefits of any person in the country. Failure to register during said timeframe will result in not being eligible to benefit from the program. Then after a couple of years, they will become “a full pledge citizen.”

“In the process before you become a citizen if you commit a major crime, you lose it out. You lose that opportunity to become [a] citizen,” LaCava stated when explaining his immigration proposal in detail. 

In addition to immigration, LaCava is concerned about education.

“There really needs to be a commission looking at education for 2030. What do we need to teach students today that is more current, more relevant to the jobs in the future,” LaCava stated. 

LaCava also believes there should be more federal spending in increasing vocational schools in communities. 

The third issue LaCava addressed is regarding the elderly. 

“People 80 and above should not have to make the decision between food or medicine,” LaCava stated. 

LaCava believes there should be a stipend program that would prevent people 80 and above to have to make this tough decision. 

In December 2023, LaCava attended the Lesser-Known Candidates Forum at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire, an event that allows lesser-known candidates the opportunity to share their positions on important topics. 

“I enjoyed it. Very passionate people in New Hampshire,” LaCava stated when asked about the event. LaCava wanted to express his gratitude to the Secretary of State and his staff for putting on an “excellent debate.”

When asked about how his family and friends have been during this journey of running for president, he stated that they are “having a fun time.”

“I laughed,” said Terrence Shanley, longtime friend of LaCava, via a phone interview when asked how he reacted when he found out his friend was running for president. Shanley talked about how he then learned that LaCava was running for president to teach his students a lesson. Shanley also mentioned that he is also a board member in the Planting the Seed Foundation, alongside LaCava. 

When asked if he thinks LaCava is a good fit for the role of president he stated no, he stated that LaCava is “very bright,” but the role of president would be a “stretch.”

“Paul is a genuinely caring person. So, anybody who approaches Paul for any type of favor, what have you, Paul will do the very best to help that person out,” Shanley stated.

Shanley mentions that LaCava has been this way since the day he met him. 

LaCava hopes to teach his students that to run for president you don’t need to be rich or well connected. He emphasizes that “life should be fun,” and that every day should be a good day. 

“I want two votes. I’m a simple man,” LaCava said. 

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