Dr. Scott Peterson Merrell

Merrell is running as a Republican candidate hoping to win the 2024 Presidential Election

Born and raised in Rowayton, Conn, Dr. Scott Merrell has his eyes set on becoming the President of the United States. Merrell, a Republican candidate, attended the University of Florida and later received his doctorate in veterinary medicine in 1983 from the University of Florida. He worked as a racetrack vet for thirty years; one of his most notable moments was performing throat surgery to fix the infamous Alysheba’s entrapped epiglottis. Just 30 days later, Alysheba would win the Kentucky Derby. After his successful veterinary career, he retired after thirty years to begin his political journey.

This is not Merrell’s first rodeo running for an elected office. He ran for governor of Connecticut in 2014 and 2018. This year will mark his first time running for President of the United States.

“I’m not a crook like politicians. This is the first generation of politicians that are failing people, especially young people,” Merrell said when asked why he was running for the position, “I want to change that.”

Merrell said he is unlike the other Republicans running for President, like Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis.

“I don’t believe that the purpose of the United States Military is to be the police department of the world like the other candidates do,” he said, “Especially when it comes to the Ukraine-Russia war, I would take us out if I were President.”

Merrell has strong thoughts on the involvement of the United States in Ukraine and the involvement in other ongoing wars. He has created a three-phase plan to end the war currently happening in Gaza. First, he would contact Saudi Arabia to build a desalination plant in the Gaza Strip, so Palestinians have plenty of water and to end the current water crisis. The second phase would include contacting United Emirates and Dubai to build a corridor that connects Gaza to the West Bank. This corridor would be under Palestinian control. “There would be an enclosed highway, train, and tram so the people of Gaza could move freely.” This plan’s third and final phase would involve England making Palestine a British Territory. He compares Palestine’s situation to being in British control, like how Hong Kong was from 1841 to 1997. He says this would end the war for a hundred years.

 “I have already submitted this to King Charles and the United Nations. I’m just waiting for a response. It’s a foolproof plan really.”

Merrell has not only been thinking about international problems but also ways to help the United States. The policies Merrell runs on his campaign are different reformations in different sectors. He wants to reform the property tax laws.

Merrell wants to make changes to property tax law, which he calls the Merrell Amendment. He says this would prevent the racketeering scheme he believes in currently happening in his home state of Connecticut. He says the state uses a Property Tax Revaluation to determine a citizen’s property tax, which he believes goes against the RICO Act. The Merrell Amendment would abolish this revaluation.

 Dr. Merrell has had his run-in when it comes to property taxes. In 2010, he was arrested for refusing to pay his property taxes on his multi-million-dollar home in Connecticut, according to local newspaper, the Stamford Advocate. The Advocate reported that Dr. Merrell owed $59,000 in property taxes. He was then later arrested again for trespassing on his former property.

Merrell wants to reform not only the property tax but also the legal system in several ways.

“The State of Connecticut is substituting judges with government bureaucrats and political party stooges, so there are not fair trials,” he said.

Merrell wants to reform the system. One of the steps he wants to take is to put a Judge Advocate General (JAG) office in all 50 states. “I do not like thieves and the worst thieves and criminals we have in this country are called politicians,” he said in regard to why he wants to put these offices all over the country. It would give American citizens the chance to “have crooked politicians investigated, so citizens wouldn’t have to do it themselves.” He wants to create an organized crime force task for all 50 states along with the Judge Advocate General offices.

Merrell wants to reform the United States education system along with reforming the legal system. The first step he would take is to break both major schoolteacher unions. The National Education Association (NEA) and The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) hold almost 5 million members together.

He would also get rid of the Department of Education and create a Federal University in its place. This would entail changing law school requirements, which would get rid of specific bar exams and create a national bar exam to practice law.

 “There’s no reason to have a different exam in every state. State law degrees are for political gain only,” Dr. Merrell says after being asked why he wants to create the Federal University and Law School.  

Seth Winigrad, a Villanova Law School student says it would be sensible only to have a national bar exam.

 “It would be nice, but there would be problems since there wouldn’t be specific state law quirks seen on it.”

 Winigrad, 22 years old, details how there is already something like what Dr. Merrell wants to put into place: the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE). This exam allows participating states to issue the same exam and allows attorneys to practice in any state that issues the Uniform Exam. The only states that have yet to adopt this exam are California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Virginia.

This retired Veterinarian has a platform that many Americans have been looking for, especially having a president who is not your typical politician and has experienced problems within the country’s legal system. Dr. Merrell is ready to help and change the lives of Americans.

“If I become the President of the United States, I’ll be able to change the lives of people,” Merrel said. “There is no reason for the richest country in the world to have so many of their own citizens suffer.”

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