Ryan Binkley

From CEO of a Company to moonlighting as a Pastor and now Presidential Hopeful

Hailing from the Peach State of Georgia, Ryan Binkley says the idea of running for president came to him in 2015 after what he saw as an “economic, spiritual, and cultural downward spiral.”

Born in 1967, Binkley was born in Georgia but moved to Texas. There Binkley would graduate with a degree in business administration in finance and marketing from the University of Texas at Austin.

 Later, Binkley became the founder and CEO of Generational Group, an advisory company for the mergers and acquisitions industry. This business venture would lead to great wealth. According to NBC, Binkley has invested $1.7 million into his campaign. 

Binkley says his campaign ideas are intertwined with the values of his company. On the walls of Generational Groups’s offices are painted the words: Golden Rule, Unity, Integrity, Diligence, and Excellence. Binkley’s office is the closest to the word Unity and he says “I’ve seen the greatest strength in our company come when we unify together.”, That’s his vision for America, unified and able to work together to better the country.

When he is not running his business, Binkley and his wife Ellie are pastors at Create Church. The Church, founded by the pair, describes itself and its mission as “help people find and fulfill their created purpose in Christ.” Binkley is devoutly religious and his belief in God has led him to want to help people.

Outside of all these responsibilities, Binkley is also a father of five children and says family is significant to him. Binkley’s wife Ellie, and their children have helped on the campaign trail, attending events alongside him. 

At the time of this interview, two weeks before the Iowa Caucus, Binkley is in Iowa on a mission to visit every county. “We’re doing a 50-city tour in the next 12 days, planning to hit about four or five towns a day,” said Binkley.  Binkley said he would need to secure at least fourth place to continue his bid for president. 

Morgan Bonwell, Binkley’s political director, said “The Binkley Campaign is unlike the others, it’s not a political machine that’s been built up over 40 years, it’s a little bit of everything.”    Binkley is currently polling at zero percent according to The Center Square. He explains that his efforts at running have been hindered due to his absence on the debate stage. The Republican National Committee has introduced tougher qualifications this year to appear on national debates, with candidates needing at least six percent support in national polls. 

Binkley is still optimistic, however, believing that his grassroots campaign and his ideas will resonate with voters and allow him to continue spreading his message of unity and an “economic, spiritual and cultural revival of America.” 

With this message of unity, Binkley’s policies cover many issues that concern American voters. Binkley says many voters are tired of division and want a candidate for Americans, “Many voters we meet, don’t identify as Democrat or Republican, most are independent,” says Bonwell, explaining the growing discontent between people and parties. Nearly 50 percent of Americans identify as independent, according to the most recent Gallup poll. The economy, immigration, and healthcare are just a few issues that are part of the vision to Unify America. 

“Inflation is not a Democrat or Republican issue, it’s an American issue,” said Binkley when speaking to his economic policy. Part of his plan includes balancing the budget and lowering the deficit. If elected, Binkley would pursue a pro-growth tax policy, which includes a return to the 2017 tax cuts under the Trump administration. Binkley says his plan is a seven-year economic rescue plan that will help rein in the high inflation happening under the Biden Administration. 

Binkley differs from other Republicans when it comes to immigration as he says that putting soldiers on the border is not the only solution. The plan would include hiring more individuals to help tackle the backlog of pending cases as well as the surge of migrants crossing the border. According to CBS News, 10,000 migrants cross the border each day. Another unique aspect of his policy is simplifying the immigration process for those already in the country and who are undocumented. Binkley’s version of the Dream Act would allow Dreamers to achieve permanent residency after completing certain requirements such as completing college, serving in the army, or working a full-time job. It would institute in-state tuition in higher learning for undocumented individuals. Binkley says immigrants are an important aspect of America but that we must ensure who we allow in.

When discussing healthcare, Binkley says that America’s system is broken and that we should be following examples of other countries in terms of cost and efficiency. “While being one of the most expensive healthcare systems in the world it is not even in the top 10,” in terms of quality said Binkley, and according to U.S News Ranking, the US ranked 23rd. Binkley says that doctors have become revenue generators instead of caregivers and that doctor-patient relations have to be fixed. Other parts of the plan include allowing more consumer control over their healthcare and reining in the control insurance companies have over the type of care you receive, as well as giving price transparency and cash payment equality. Overall, Binkley explains these reforms will provide Americans with equitable and effective care. 

Binkley’s other policies include things such as green energy and energy independence, maintaining its position of a strong military presence while working with our allies across the world, revitalizing urban America, and promoting a culture of life. All of these policies affect every American but Binkley says he wants a better future for the youth of America who are struggling under the weight of these issues. 

With his message, Binkley hopes to unify Americans by bringing both sides together and to show that working together even when divided is the American way. “No American is our enemy simply because they disagree with us–even when they’re wrong.” With this, he says, “We the People, have always been the way to freedom.”

For more information about Ryan Binkley and his campaign go to https://binkley2024.com/


  1. Note Ryan Binkley has not dropped out of the race after getting 5th place in Iowa and will continue own in New Hampshire

  2. Technically, candidate Ryan Binkley should now be listed in 4th place, since Vivek Ramaswamy just dropped out of the race altogether.

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