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A young, passionate candidate from Hollis, N.Y is paving his way into American politics. Democratic candidate Frankie Lozada, an American who is proud of his Puerto Rican heritage, is running for president because he believes everyone deserves representation. He is also the first Puerto Rican candidate running for president. He recognizes that many marginalized communities don’t receive quality representation, but that it can bring equality for all Americans. He was raised to be compassionate towards everyone. At 34 years old, 35 by the time of inauguration day, he is striving to bring a younger perspective to D.C., one that better represents modern America.

“Marginalized communities need representation. I am one of those people,” he said.  As an American of Puerto Rican descent, he connects with the largely underrepresented Latinx community, and growing up in Hollis connected him to many other marginalized communities. He believes representation is necessary to truly understand the struggles of these communities, and he shows himself to be that understanding candidate. “Anybody who does not have a connection with the community (LGBTQ+) is because of education. They are targeted just because of who they are. As long as they aren’t harming anyone, why should it matter who they want to love or live how they want to live.”

He believes that everyone deserves a second chance.  Lozada spent more than half of his life with his father behind bars. Seeing his father in prison for 19 years taught Lozada the structure of American justice and he understands that it needs to be overhauled. Lozada believes that mandatory minimum sentences are not needed. He knows that these minimums push an obligation to put people behind bars, but rarely is this a reflection of their rehabilitation. He insists there is a lot to discuss and reform about our justice system.

Working with immigrating families, including asylum-seekers and unaccompanied children, was his life for over a year and a half. He became passionate about immigration reform, and seeks to provide better pathways to citizenship and to fight human trafficking. He also emphasizes that he intends to fight against the deportation of veterans. Like many Americans, shares a concern for our veterans, and is upset that foreign nationals who join our military are promised a path to citizenship, but as soon as they retire from duty, are sent back to their country.

Lozada also believes in the power of education. He is determined to give the children of the United States the greatest possible education, and that this education should include practical life skills, lessons on financial responsibility, and business. His campaign website states, “every single kid should graduate knowing the value of investing, managing funds, and having an entrepreneurial attitude.” Children are the future of the United States, and Lozada recognizes the importance of this.

One subject Lozada is adamant about is that healthcare is a human right. He believes Obamacare was a good step, but failed in its attempt to help all Americans, since it allowed insurance companies to raise premiums. He says that is wrong, and healthcare should be guaranteed. Universal childcare, too, should be guaranteed. To help with this, he wants to create a system that will cover all Americans. To help doctors and other medical workers, he seeks to provide debt relief from educational costs and to cover the insurance for practitioners who choose to be part of the system. He also knows that some Americans will still prefer private health coverage and is prepared to provide the opportunity for those who want it.

He has many other important policies he wishes to bring to Americans. Credit repair assistance, voting rights, and LGBTQ+ equality, are some of his major topics and concerns. He knows that everyone has different upbringings, education, and experiences, and these all play a role in how they are treated in America. He is against the duopoly of parties in the U.S. government. By prioritizing the people of the U.S., instead of the millionaires, billionaires, and corporations, he believes that we can make a huge step towards the quality of life and freedom for all Americans.

He stands with Americans on his belief in U.S. military involvement in foreign affairs. He is fiscally conservative and wants to know where every dollar is going. “My priority is to keep as many people alive as possible, and soldiers are people’s kids and family. I don’t want to risk their lives.” He is cautious that we are causing rifts in the Middle East and does not want to bring that risk to Americans.

In the words of Warren Ovalle, his campaign manager, “Compassion. Compassion to a T. He is listening, he is here, and he wants to be there for you.”

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