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Protecting and Promoting the Constitution One Trial at a Time

Republican presidential candidate Mary Maxwell of Concord, NH, claims that “terrible, unbelievable” things are happening in the United States today and that it is time that Americans exercise their constitutional right to “punish the powerful.” Maxwell believes that a number of anomalies are taking place in society, including corporations and Big Tech trying to “micro-manage our lives,” doctors forgetting the Hippocratic Oath and “acting like madmen,” and the open use of Directed Energy Weapons in Maui, Hawaii. On her website, Maxwell describes the Constitution as “a means for us to create solidarity, and to believe in ideals of law” as she runs for president again in 2024.

Born in Boston and married in Australia, Maxwell has lived in several different parts of the world, including the United Arab Emirates. She ran for Congress in the New Hampshire 2nd District in 2006, and for presidential office in 2020. According to Maxwell’s website, she has received a BA from Emmanuel College, an MLA from Johns Hopkins, and a PhD and law degree from Adelaide University.  

Maxwell describes her candidacy as a “one issue campaign.” She cites an event in Hawaii where Maui was “devastated by weapons.” She also feels strongly about setting an example, stating “I like to do things that Americans can do, that people stopped doing a long time ago.” 

Maxwell’s website compares the state of the United States to “Stalin’s day.” She explained, “You can get arrested for anything nowadays, including what would normally be free speech. Some arresting is done by private organizations, as we now have a secondary group of censorists […] Someone is able to control the voice. A lot of decisions we make personally are based on what we see around us but we don’t really hear everyone, only what comes to us on a newspaper headline.” 

Maxwell describes the Constitution as giving the citizens authority to “punish the powerful”. With that message, she hopes to “stay on the positive and remind people that this is America and ‘hello’ we do have ways of dealing with these people that are acting criminally [Congress, Big Tech, doctors] ”. When illustrating what she wants to defeat with this message, Maxwell referenced the term “chickenization” which was created by Fordham law professor Zephyr Teachout who ran for governor of New York years ago. According to Teachout, “chickenization embeds in it the concept of fear.” 

Dee McLachlan, editor and friend of Maxwell who resides in Australia, describes her colleague as a “very valuable resource”. “Like a walking library,” she says, “she has a very sharp mind. She also has an academic mind with a legal degree, enormous amounts of research of medical issues, and a very good understanding of the practical workings of the law, government, Constitution, and the Constitutional issues that America faces.” McLachlan continues, “She is guided by her principles and her understanding of how society works, how the law works, and how sociology works, how humans function.”

Mary Maxwell hopes to share her voice at the 2024 presidential primary in New Hampshire. Her supporters believe that if she were to ever be elected, America would reap the benefits. McLachlin concluded with, “Her views make constitutional sense. They would bring law and order. The arguments for the president debate seem very superficial – seems like putting band-aids on a wound rather than focusing on the wound. Mary focuses on the wound and not the color of the band-aid […] Candidates are usually talking down to the people, not for the people.”

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