Samuel H. Sloan

Free college for all and free Medicare are two campaign promises that progressive Democrats are pushing. Samuel Howard Sloan disagrees with these views. He believes that the United States does not have enough money to support these programs.

“Medicare for all, well, I am definitely against that,” says Sloan in a phone interview. “There’s simply not enough money to pay for it. We simply don’t have that in the United States Treasury to pay for Medicare for all. It just isn’t possible.”

Samuel Howard Sloan, 75, an American chess player and a book publisher, is currently running the presidential election as a Democrat. He was born in Richmond, Virginia, but studied at the University of California Berkeley. 

Here, he became the leader of the anti-war movement and advocated for a branch of the Sexual Freedom League. His main occupation at the moment is being an author, where he makes an average of $15,000 a month, he says.

Sloan “argued a case orally before the United States Supreme Court and I won the case.” He won with a vote of 9 to 0 before the Supreme Court in The Securities and Exchange Commission, Petitioner, v. Samuel H. Sloan case. According to The Constitution Center, Sloan was the last person to argue a case in front of the Supreme Court who wasn’t a lawyer. 

Sloan ran for the United States Congress twice against José E. Serrano and is considering running once more as “he’s now quite ill.”  

Sloan planned to run against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) whom he believed to be “the biggest political upset in history,” said Sloan. 

AOC is well known for denying the Amazon distribution center request to open up a second headquarters in Queens, New York. They believed the addition would not be beneficial for the community, and Amazon would not be paying federal income taxes for the $11.2 billion profit that would be receiving. On the other hand, the governor of New York expressed concern that the denial would be costing the city 25,000 jobs.

To say the least, the decision was controversial. Sloan mentions “People are very mad at her,” making him think that he has an advantage for the elections. 

Sloan ran for president four years ago. He mentioned “I objected to that because number one, Bernie Sanders is not a member of the Democratic party, he is a member of the communist party. And so essentially they just gave it to Hillary Clinton.” 

Sloan’s opinions towards the other presidential candidates are debasing: “One is an avowed Communist. One is queer. One will be in a nursing home for the elderly son,” he says.

Sloan believes President Trump will be a for-middle candidate. “You say that Trump can easily be defeated because he only gets 45% of the vote. But the difference is Trump’s 45% is rock solid. They will stay with him forever,” said Sloan. But it does not change Sloan’s belief that “Trump is a bad person.”

He did not announce his candidacy to the general public. He only informed a few family members and significant others. The only platform he shares his campaign is the New Hampshire Primary Election where people only have to pay $1,000 to register onto the ballot. He did not receive any help from professional campaign teams nor a designated PR team. But, he did receive support from his family members including his wife, and daughters. 

On Tuesday, January 28th Samuel Sloan attended the New Hampshire pre-primary debate where seven of the 30 invited candidates attended. During the debate, he was asked about where he stands on the immigration crisis. He mentioned that “I’m contributing to the problem because my daughter who was with me, I have a daughter named Sandra, was with me at the debate, and I brought her mother to America and she gave birth here and that’s why Sandra is an American citizen.”

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