Progressive Policies Needed [Sanders’]

Lexie Fitzpatrick

Senator Bernie Sanders of New Hampshire is running again for the 2020 presidential election. Back in 2016, Senator Sanders seeked the democractic nomination, but this year his goal is to end the Trump presidency. 


During Sanders Town Hall meeting at Dartmouth College, it was packed with supporters. There was a mixed crowd of  young and older people supporting Sanders that were asking for a change.


From conservative voters that consider themselves die hard Trump supporters, to liberal and left leaning people aligning closely to Sanders, many politically engaged people were at rallies throughout the state.


The stereotype is that most Americans don’t take the time to sit down and read all the policies that the candidates are thinking about proposing. However, New Hampshire Democrats are known for progressive policies that will help improve their state.


Sanders’ campaign’s slogan is #NOTMEUS. He says he wants to make the government work for everyone, no matter their background or economic status.  He often talks about how billionaires receive tax cuts, something Sanders highly opposes. 


His Medicare is also progressive, with Sanders intending on the US adopting a single-payer system where everyone receives a free, guaranteed health care. 


Emily Smith, 22, a college student from Texas, talked about the policies she wants to see implemented by Sanders and how she sees so highly of him as a politician. 


“I’m worried about climate change,” Smith said. “He’s been the most consistent with his policies more than any other candidate and more so than the current president.”  


Smith  then explained that  her experience with the 2016 election.


“2016 was the first time I voted in a presidential election,” said Smith. “Back then, I was uneducated about the candidates, but this time around I am making an effort to be more educated on the candidates.”


 One common thing all my interviewees agreed on is that there is a sense of urgency around the country to stop going backward with Donald Trump and elect progressive candidates like Bernie Sanders. 

Most people in the Bernie events come from all ages groups and backgrounds, which the media doesn’t show. Most likely, his support will only get stronger as America asks for more proactive politicians working on their behalf and also policies that help them live better lives. 


Annie Ritter, who is from Vermont, talked about her take on Bernie’s policies and campaign. 


When asked why she supports Bernie Sanders.  Ritter from Vermont answered, “He stands for the people. He always has. We need someone out there standing for the people and not for themselves.


She goes further and says that the policy that she really wants implemented is Medicare.  Ritter from VT says “Health care is a human right for everyone to be able to have health insurance. Also, I agree with a lot of his ideas.” 


This statement was interesting because it has been said that a lot of Americans don’t want progressive policies. She told me how she can’t afford health insurance right now even though she is middle class. 


This explains why middle-class people like Annie Ritter are ready for some real change, and if Donald Trump got elected, that wouldn’t be a part of his plan. The rest of the conversation was about how we need to transform this government to be the right people.


 She explains how the government is just a bunch of people trying to be in power without actually making real change by passing policies that their constituents need and want. 


 Catherine Sofikitis, who has supported Bernie Sanders for several years. 

When asked about why she is voting for Sanders Catherine Sofikitis of Vermont  answered, “I have been supporting Bernie for 40 years”. 


She goes on to say that she likes how his policies include everyone. She goes on to say the policies have been the same for years, and she’s ready to see them become law. 


She goes on further and talks about his plan of Medicare for All would be beneficial. She talked about how ridiculously expensive prescription drugs are in the U.S. 


When asked about naysayers who question how Bernie will get funding for his policies, “They spend so much money at the Pentagon. The Pentagon is not audited. Sofikitis Nobody knows where the money goes. Ritter said. And 66 billion dollars was the budget so that money could do a lot of work primarily in the inner city. ” 


When asked about how much Medicare for all  policy would mean for her Annie Ritter of Vermont answered, “I always had impeccable health insurance from my job.

 But I got disabled from my job and all of a sudden I didn’t have it anymore. Ritter said, We have to buy my husband’s inhaler in Canada because they’re $600 a piece, but in Canada, we can 3 for $130,” 


This woman opened to me telling me why she personally needs healthcare reform.  She’s tired of buying her husband inhaler in Canada. 


She spoke about how we spend the most on healthcare, and yet the bills for emergencies and prescription drugs are so high and unreasonable than any other country in the world. Lastly, she expressed how we spend so much money on war but cannot take care of our people. 


This interview, as well as my second interview, proves that people are ready for progressive policies. People are now fed up with how slow Congress is acting with policies that American people want. 


“I just think if we are the land of opportunity, it has to be for everybody,” says Catherine Sofikitis of New Hampshire.


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