Voter Security in 2020

As the 2020 New Hampshire primary creeps closer, voters express confidence that their votes will be secure despite the faulty app unveiled weeks prior during the Iowa caucus.

The mobile app which caused delays in vote counting due to an alleged coding error sparked a slew of conspiracy theories across the internet and concerned voters in New Hampshire like Chris Kirk who called it “shady.”

Despite concerns over the mobile app, Kirk believes that New Hampshire’s voting system will keep his vote secure. 

“New Hampshire always sticks to pen and paper, every time I go in the voting booth, I get a piece of paper fill a little dot, and so I know New Hampshire at least has the “receipts,” he said.

This confidence in the paper ballot is shared by New York resident Margarett Murphy who talked about the voting process in her home state.

“It’s still the paper ballot that counts, so if there is ever any problem, we have a record that we can go back and count the accuracy of the votes,” she said.

While voters expressed their trust in the current system, presidential candidates Joe Biden and Bill Weld both spoke about the lack of election security and criticized the actions taken after the 2016 Russian election interference. 

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