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Uniting for All Americans- a Civil Lawyer's Story

A Presidential Commitment to Unity

Rick Kraft- born to a missionary family working in Nigeria, resides as one of the top lawyers in New Mexico, is happily married to his wife Tanya, and is challenging Donald Trump, along with 48 other candidates, in the race for the presidency. Despite his audacious 2020 political debut, Kraft approaches politics with humble intentions- alluding a presidential platform unique to the conservative ballot.

Like many children, Rick Kraft aspired to become President from a young age. While his destiny remained in litigation for much of his life, at age 61, his dream reemerged. Running for the oval office was simply another adventure for him and his wife, Tanya, to embark on. After a vacation to New Hampshire, Kraft was taken away by the serenity of the state, particularly in its surprisingly simple qualifications to register on the presidential ballot. Kraft says in a phone interview,

“It’s pretty easy to get into the candidacy with the qualifications. You pay the fee and sign the declaration, and I told my wife I think it’d be fun to put my name in and see what happens. It kind of started off with just an idea, but once I put my name in, then I thought well, I’ve got positions that I believe in and that is what I want to advance.”


Rick Kraft at the Concord, N.H. Capital Building

The only initial setback for the politically independent Kraft was deciding which party’s ballot to run on. Claiming to be “critical of the parties” and uninterested in the political stigma associated with them, Kraft has been a longtime independent voter. However, after little deliberation, he declared his temporary commitment to the Republican party. While not entirely aligned with traditional conservatism, the lawyer agrees that his beliefs sway in favor of the right. The small town of Roswell, N.M., which has been a longtime home for Kraft, remains the only bubble within the state exemplifying majority conservatism. As a result, Republicanism is a more natural ideology for him to associate with.

“New Mexico is a Democratic state, but the northeast corner is Republican, so it’s easy to be Republican down here” he says.

Describing himself as, “someone who isn’t perfect, but someone who strives for Biblical principles,” Kraft exemplifies his devout Christian faith and modest self-regard. As President, he will focus on attaining a strong matrimony between politics, religiosity, and the nuclear American family. Through his active community involvement, he has developed skills as a leader and figure of influence, constantly striving to ensure the prosperity of others. One of Kraft’s proudest accomplishments was becoming president of the New Mexico Bar throughout the late 1990s. While no longer holding this position, Kraft has remained a prominent figure within the bar and a longtime civil lawyer.

A central focus of Kraft’s presidential run is the prospect of investing in others. Kraft’s independent political nature is highlighted through his integral focus on family relations. Kraft believes that many issues facing the United States will be alleviated through harnessing the power of family. In his opinion, the nuclear family is vital to prosperous community relationships, better education and lower crime rates. While a relatively liberal perspective for the Republican ballot, this principal is critical in the mind of Mr. Kraft and pivotal toward advancing our society.

“The more I live and the more I do with different organizations, the more I feel the root of almost all our problems has to do with family, whether its crime, homelessness, or gangs,” Kraft says.


The Kraft Family in Chicago- From left: 21 year old daughter, Kelsey, 32 year old son, Devin, Rick Kraft, and his wife Tanya.

Other aspects of Kraft’s presidential platform are less definitive than his pro-family stance. He would pursue allocating further power to state and local governments, claiming his disdain of the federal government’s impediment of individual rights. The legalization of marijuana, abortion, and gun rights would be legislated through state rule- with little outside intervention. Kraft would also pursue signifigant efforts to encourage job growth – as explained through a notable critique of globalization. Also traditional to conservative ideologies, he wishes to lower the national debt, seeing it as a massive hinderance to US prosperity. Accusing policy makers of wasting governmental resources, Kraft will seek to end reckless spending.

Hesitant to criticize the current President, Kraft believes that politics have become severely divided. He believes that the continuous aggression instigated through the parties only furthers polarization in the United States. The current regime, claims Kraft, has the potential for an effective presidency, but unless civility and humanization are sought after, this prospect remains unlikely

“Let us understand that we are a blessed country and let us behave in such a way that we don’t lose that blessing,” Kraft says.

While Kraft’s political debut appeared subtle in statistics, his leadership and presidential run have not gone unnoticed amongst voters. Currently polling at one percent of the New Hampshire vote, according to WGME.com, the minor candidate’s election is panning out to be much more successful than he and his wife intended. His Facebook page, Rick Kraft for President, has nearly 1600 followers and likes, many of which with sentimental regards for his demeanor and ability to lead.

In a Facebook message, Leslie Hering, longtime friend of the Kraft family, describes Rick as “someone who will find a solution to all involved,”. MaryJo Shaffer talks about his “integrity, honesty, generosity, and true concern for the youth of our nation.” She recalls his extensive knowledge of the Constitution and the rights of American citizens- claiming that, “he stands for a voice of reason that can reach beyond party lines,”. Most praising of Kraft, however, was Georgian firefighter Corey Smith, asserting Rick’s undevoted commitment to fulfilling the lives of others. “Rick strives to make the world better, happier, and a more friendly place for all who encounter him,” Smith says.

When asked about his final message to New Hampshire voters, Kraft emphasizes his devout Christian roots and American patriotism, with his message directly quoting the Pledge of Allegiance. “One Nation Under God”, as featured on his campaign’s website, is an initiative he is committed to fulfilling throughout his presidency. Seeking unification and common understanding between parties, while also maintaining the prodigious power of the United States, is essential Kraft says. He intends to pursue humanistic integrity, eager to invest in every life, no matter the individual’s faith, race, or background. Through this unique platform, Kraft hopes to reignite American patriotism, adding value to not only New Hampshirites, but to every American citizen.


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