Mary Maxwell

Mary Maxwell is a Republican candidate for President. She was born in Boston, a very well-educated town, she says in a recent interview. Her father was a schoolteacher, as well as her siblings. During her twenties, she moved around the continental U.S., living in various cities across the country. In her thirties, she moved to London. This is where she met her husband of 20 years, until he died twenty years ago. She has since been a widow. When they got married, she followed him home to Australia, where she got a Phd in Politics from the University of Adelaide. Maxwell felt that studying in Australia gave her the best learning experience because she used the best literature from the United States and Britain, the best of both worlds. 

As for her political career, that began in 2005 when she ran for a seat in the House of Representatives from her home in Concord, New Hampshire; she got 11 percent of the vote against Charlie Bass. In 2017, she returned to the States from Australia to run again. This time, she ran for a seat in the U.S. Senate in Alabama. Now Maxwell says she is happy to be home in Concord again and running for President. 

Her campaign is simple, she explained. Other publications have quoted her as a, “hardcore constitutionalist.” Maxwell stated, “You either have the Constitution or you don’t.” She feels that previous Presidents and current candidates do not protect the Constitution as they were sworn to do, specifically Sanders and Trump. Maxwell also plans to delegate power back to the individual states from the Federal Government; she believes the Education Department should not be in their hands, that it should be up to each state. “Mary Maxwell is 100% for the states,” she exclaimed. She believes the Federal Government is too powerful, currently. 

When asked if she thought being a woman would hurt her chances at winning, she stated that she prefers a male President. “It would be strange to have a woman as Commander in Chief,” she said. Most of her reasoning for not having a female President is militarily related. 

As for the past few years, Mary Maxwell has been hard at work defending the convicted Boston Marathon Bomber. She believes that he is innocent and the he was framed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. She has a lawsuit against the FBI claiming so and has written a book about her research and experience. Currently, she is trying to get the judge involved with that case impeached. 

Maxwell says that she never wanted to be President, that she actually went to the New Hampshire Secretary of State’s office to run for Vice President. Maxwell was told she was not allowed to run for that position only. She explained to me that the law was changed a few years ago to have tickets, a President and Vice President. This is illegal in her opinion, and it is on her agenda as one of the first things to change if elected. 

Her political views and policies are inspired by Rand Paul and his father Ron Paul. She says they are both anti-corruption like her and have a similar mindset when it comes to preserving the Constitution. She is hoping to indict all of those who partake in illegal practices, based on the Constitution. 

Though running on the Republican ballot, she disagrees with a lot of what President Trump has done, specifically, at the United States Mexican border. She has worked in crisis family law for many years, both in the U.S. and Australia. She said she judges family courts and doesn’t understand how President Trump would allow child snatching from people who already have the law working against them. 

The biggest takeaway she wants the general public to get from her campaign is her position, which is a critique of the government. Maxwell also wants people to know that she is a unique and unusual candidate. 

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