Matt Matern

Matt Matern is an attorney, entrepreneur, and philanthropist from Los Angeles, Calif., who is challenging Donald Trump by running for President to represent the Republican Party. According to Matern he believes that his legal background is a historically good training ground, qualifying him for President. Matern believes that with personal success comes civil responsibility which is why he founded the Satyagraha Foundation in 2017. The Foundation is a nonprofit organization centered around serving the homeless, food insecure, and also fighting climate change and protecting the environment, according to his website. Though new to politics, Matern has always had an interest in politics but chose to stand back on the sidelines. Until now. Matern has voiced that he couldn’t sit back in good conscience and say that President Donald Trump’s behavior is acceptable and should go unchallenged. 


Image courtesy of Matt Matern’s website

Matern says he wants to return the Republican Party to its core values—civility, fundamental fairness for every American, and fiscal and personal responsibility. All of these values, as Matern notes, are absent at most times in the Republican Party, due to President Donald Trump. 

Matern proposes a plan to “untax” the first $50,000 for individuals, and the first $100,000 for American families, eliminating the income tax for the middle class, according to his webpage. This will be done by closing loopholes for the top 1% of Americans earning over $1,000,000. In addition, Matern wants to reduce the size of the IRS dramatically. Matern’s primary concern is keeping money in the hands of workers who have earned it.

When it comes to the environment, Matern notes that Republicans were the original leaders on environmental issues, and for a long time there was bipartisan support for environmental policies. According to Matern, you can’t be a conservative if you don’t believe in conserving the environment and taking the responsibility of preserving the environment for future generations. 

Matern does not believe America needs a wall, as President Trump does. When it comes to border fencing, Matern believes this should only be considered where regular enforcement efforts fail or are impossible, according to his webpage

Matt Matern registering ballot papers at the New Hampshire State House, via Instagram @matern2020

Overall, Matern vows to work to bring the Republican party back to its roots and away from President Trump’s rhetoric. Matern states that he recognizes that Republican voters are not happy with the Trump administration’s work. Matern says he will beat Trump by appealing to the basic interests of Americans, through cutting taxes for the middle class, ensuring good healthcare for all, and working on environmental issues. Most importantly, to Matern, he vows he will cut out divisive rhetoric that is present in this country and instead focus on uniting the country.

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