Stephen B. Comley Sr.

The 2020 Presidential Candidate and Leading Nuclear Safety Advocate

Stephen B. Comley Sr., a 2020 Republican presidential candidate, is a pro-life, fiscal conservative, a staunch advocate for the Second Amendment, and increased safety and precautions for nuclear power plants.

Comley is one of several candidates who paid $1,000 for their names to be represented on ballots for the President of the United States of America.  For many of these candidates it is their way of taking control and showing opposition to the current state of our political leadership and practices.  It is their way to give a voice to the minority opinions which have been unheard and often silenced in this political climate. For Comley, a life member of Republican Inner Circle, this is certainly the case.  

I decided to run for president when I saw that Donald Trump runs the White House how he runs his businesses,” Comley said. “He hasn’t had much compassion, so I question his ethics.”  

Although his name may not be familiar to you, Stephen B. Comley Sr.’s efforts to address the lack of evacuation plans near nuclear power plants, has been impactful.  Stephen B. Comley Sr.’s work has been featured on the cover of TIME magazine, the CNN special, “Inside the NRC,” and the On Earth Special which was featured on 60 minutes.  He fervently has been an activist and has highlighted the lack of evacuation plans for those who live in communities near nuclear power plants.  

Individuals such as Democratic member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, Peter Schmidt, who has known Comley for 5 years, became familiar with Comley through Comley’s work centered around nuclear power and the need for additional safety measures.  Schmidt has also become a public figure dedicated to protecting the public from nuclear power disasters and supports Comley’s fight for greater precautions to protect communities.  

Schmidt shared, “I think he’s (Comley) a person of great integrity, perseverance, and tenacity.” 

Stephen B. Comley has been a leading advocate in nuclear safety for over thirty years.  He is the Founder of We The People, a National Whistleblower Non-Profit Organization. The organization was formed in 1987 with the original name, “Because we care about Rawly and you.”  

Comley’s passion and persistence relating to nuclear safety was initiated from a personal experience which led to his decision to attempt to bring safety and justice to the Americans at risk of such dangerous practices.  For over 80 years, the Sea View Rehabilitation & Extended Care Community has been in the Comley family and is located near the Seabrook Nuclear Plant.  

Out of concern for the Sea View Care residents, Comley began asking local officials for information regarding the evacuation plan in the event the unthinkable occurred.  To his surprise, there was no evacuation plan and the only suggestion he was given, in case of an emergency, was to administer Potassium Iodine to his ederly and recovering residents. Comley and many others agree that this measure is an insufficient remedy for the numerous people whose health would be drastically and negatively affected by a leak in a nuclear power plant.  This heightened Comley’s efforts to change these practices and ensure proper plans and regulations for power plants in the event of a leak or worse.   

Comley’s concerns and advocacy extends beyond the power plants in the United States as he also expressed distress regarding the health issues which resulted from the United States atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki which continues to persist in individuals living in the US and other countries.  

Additionally, Comley learning of the loss of life, significant illness, and deformities caused by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in Russia, only heightened his activism.  He then began devoting his time to uncovering “substandard” information given out to the public from the Nuclear Regulatory Committee. 

Clear in his dedication to nuclear power safety, Comley believes that it is the biggest threat to our climate.  Instead of spending so much money on the military, if elected President, Comley would designate a large amount of money towards disarming nuclear warheads. 

“He’s done a lot of research and has been involved in this campaign for a long time,” Schmidt said.  “From the documents that I’ve seen, he has a lot of evidence that the nuclear industry has unfortunately become impacted by having a lot of counterfeit and substandard parts.”

When it comes to Comley’s policies on health care, he stands out because of his unique background.  He believes in Americans living healthy lifestyles and believes the preventative measures will significantly lower healthcare costs.  Although Comley believes in personal responsibility, he also expects healthcare professionals to provide quality care.  

Comley espoused, “Because I am the only candidate who has been in the healthcare profession all of my life, I know how to fix it, without over regulation.”

Although Comley does not agree with creating a wall of any other physical infrastructure, he does believe in border lines and the need for restrictions and stronger regulations to control illegal immigration.  He also suggested a need to employ sanctions on Mexico if they do not help protect our border. Comley also opposes the wall because he does not believe it is fiscally responsible and that there are more important areas America can put their money towards. 

“There has to be other ways of creating jobs and opportunities than building a wall” Comley said.

Being raised by a single mother and not knowing who his father was until after his father died, gave Comley strong motivation and the perseverance needed to withstand his continuous battles.  Fighting for justice did not come without a cost for Comley. As a result of his courageousness, he was often faced with extreme resistance and even violence.  

A frightening moment for Comley and his family came when a car was burned on his lawn 15 minutes after his wife left home.  These and other instances of violence and threats impacted his marriage, which eventually ended with divorce. Comley even was subject to what he calls a “witch hunt” by Attorney General Thornburg, who charged him with “Conspiring to Topple the NRC.”  Although exposing the truth came with it’s fair share of obstacles, it never deterred Comley from continuing his mission.

“Because of what you and other colleges may write, they may come back with a federal subpoena and put me in jail” Comley said.  But that goes with the territory.”

When Comley was asked what makes him stand out from other candidates, his response was, “I have the best campaign manager ever.”  

At first this response seemed very selfless to credit someone else for his success.  Then once he went into deeper detail, you really got a better understand of Comley’s beliefs.

“I have the best campaign manager ever” Comley said, “Jesus Christ.”

Comley is an individual with strong Christian faith.  He uses religion as a moral compass for what he believes is right.  Protecting the public from dangers such as nuclear power, is one example of what he believes is right.  If Comley becomes the next President of the United States, he would not only be spreading nuclear power safety, but also the word of Jesus Christ.  

Comley knows that the next generation is who really can make a difference.  He wants young people to really be at the forefront of this mission. Comley often visits universities to educate students about nuclear power safety, hoping to get them informed and involved.  

“I want this to come out through young people,” Comley said.  “As long as the young people do this in a peaceful way.”

At this point Comley is just hopeful that his run for President will confront and bring awareness to the dangers of the NRC, which he feels has been neglected by all other previous Presidents.  But even without a win, Comley will continue his mission to protect the public’s safety and continue to expose the truth. This is just the beginning for presidential candidate Stephen B. Comley, as he is still in possession of proof of a coverup surrounding the Three Mile Island accident. From his perspective, if everyone comes together to support the true issues he addresses, America would be a better place. 

“I believe in democracy, and it works if people get involved.” 

For more information on Stephen B. Comley, visit his website


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