Michael Ellinger

While working on his master’s degree in government at Harvard University’s Extension School, Michael Ellinger is also pursuing another goal: he is running for President of the United States. 

According to his campaign website, he decided to take on the challenge of earning his Master’s Degree while running for office because he believes it is clear that the Democratic party does not have a strong candidate and the damage that has happened over the past two years is unbearable to watch anymore from the sidelines. 

On his website, he states “I never struggled with the question of should I, for me it was when and how will I do it?  I have a deep-seated knowing this is what I should be doing and I am ready for the challenge.” 

He proposes a plan for the future which he showcases as a “Moral Deal for America.” He describes this on his website as his platform to address the concerns of working families across our country from all party affiliations and walks of life.  

Some of the important issues of today that he mentions on his website are the fight to solve Climate change along with investing in children’s futures, creating better-paying jobs, protecting children and abused women, support for single-payer healthcare, ending income inequality, gun reform, defending military families and veterans, and supporting DREAMers, TPs, and asylum seekers. 

The “Moral Deal for America” has fifteen parts to it, some more progressive than others. He supports federal legalization of marijuana, the repeal of most (if not all) of Trump’s tariffs, and states he would create an Executive Order for funding a domestic terrorism and nationalism prevention program. 

Number 5 in his “Moral Deal for America” is about Climate change and clean energy. On his website under his issues segment, Micheal Ellinger states “Are we seriously going to risk our children’s lives and futures debating whether climate change is real?  If we have the capability to act…then act! When 97 out of 100 scientists are on one side of an issue, it is no longer a debate and action must be taken.” 

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