A Call for Consistency

The striking parallel between the Sanders campaign, and his all-powerful fanbase

2020 has been a year of diversification throughout the Democratic field. The faces of liberalism are anything but ordinary in the progressive effort to unseat presidential incumbent Donald Trump. Throughout this election cycle however, voters believe that politicians have become disingenuousness in their policy making- appearing hypocritical towards their values and inconsistent in their policy enactment. As a result, progressive Democrats have flocked to become a part of a movement- that they believe can singlehandedly seize the presidency.

The force of Bernie Sanders is credited with pursuing one of the most consistent political messages of modern history, dating back to his activism in the 60s, elected positions in the 80s, and throughout his congressional career. While often critiqued amongst right wing conservatives and moderate Democrats, one prospect remains clear amongst his ‘ride or die’ fan base- their absolute adornment for consistency.

The Sanders political base is devout in their progressive faith- with many supporters critical of the Democratic National Committee’s stronghold over the party. His campaigners have proven incredibly active in their determination to elect a president for the people. Initiatives such as a billionaire tax, climate action and minimum wage laws are major policies voters have attested to be crucial and ‘consistent’ of Sanders political interests. Voters diverse in age, race, and gender all find common interests within this political movement Sanders is committed in achieving.

“Bernie has always been outstanding, always been a leader, and leads by example,” said Griffin Wilson Boynton, a first time voter. “He has been the main force behind gay rights and civil liberties, and throughout his career he has always stood for what’s right even if it hasn’t been popular.”

New Hampshire voters were incredibly eager to demonstrate their active support for Sanders consistency, as seen through his campaign signs throughout the city of Manchester. At the 61st Annual McIntyre-Shaheen 100 Club Dinner, longtime fans flocked out to witness the Democratic candidate’s final regard to voters before the nation’s first primary election.

Other candidates however were not so fortunate, with fan sections far less enthusiastic than that of Sanders. When asked why Sanders’ fans do not support candidates such as Elizabeth Warren, a politician similarly aligned within the progressive movement, many spoke discouragingly.

“Warren was a Republican. Even Warren today has not delivered on civil rights and freedoms and liberties and economic proposals as Bernie does today and has throughout his political career,” said Griffin.

Eileen Boynton, the mother of Griffin, echoed her son’s opinion, claiming that, “Elizabeth Warren is playing a lot of catch up,” and “She doesn’t have original thoughts.”

Elizabeth Warren’s late entry into politics is ultimately her biggest flaw in accordance with Sanders fans and is a likely reason for her lagging numbers in the polls.

Voters also found Sanders ‘aged’ experience to be of benefit in his candidacy, despite the media and Democratic base’s disdain for electing someone of his demographic.

“He is in his prime years, 79 is a prime number,” said Oscar Salazar from Westchester N.Y., referring to Sanders’ age come the presidential election in November.

Not only is Sanders’ political consistency crucial to his success, but also the loyalty and solidarity of his fan base. The greatest fear Democrats possess is Donald Trump’s strong base of support; however, Bernie Sanders too possesses such an audience. Many New Hampshire voters have remained committed and consistent in their support of Sanders, much of which dating prior to his 2016 presidential debate.

Jacob Robinson of Bridgeport Conn., said that he began supporting Sanders back in 2014. “I was a big environmentalist and he was one of the only senators talking about climate change back then and really setting goals for climate change,” he said.

Robin from M.A. had a similar relationship to the Sanders campaign, being an active volunteer since his 2016 presidential run. He found that Sanders was a genuine contender with dependable Massachusetts policies, with faith that he will, “Get back our integrity and who we are as Americans.”

The consistent efforts of both Sanders and his supporters demonstrates why his campaign has achieved the uncontested success that it has. Seizing both the popular vote in Iowa and the primary election in New Hampshire, his campaign is likely to continue its strength leading into Super Tuesday.

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