Evolution Of Trumps Rhetoric

By: Andrea Paine

As much as Trump maligns the press, he needs it. Donald Trump is not new to running for President of The United States. The only difference is in 2016 he was seen as the underdog, and now he has more support than ever. He was previously the 45th President of the United States and is now trying to run for 47th for this 2024 presidential election. 

Rob Crilly, a reporter for the Daily Mail talked about Trump’s relationship with the press. “I have been covering Trump for 6 years,” Crilly said. “He knows he needs us,” Crilly said. “He feeds on the publicity and news on him whether it is good or bad publicity.” 

Looking at his 2016 campaign, Trump had 323 rallies, where he discussed matters involving illegal immigration, offshoring of American jobs, the national debt in the U.S., and islamic terrorism. In his January 20 speech in Manchester, N.H. Trump, was focused more on making his competition look bad, than being focused on discussing issues needed to be resolved in this country. “We need a big win against these terrible people.” Trump mentioned, but never elaborates how they are bad options to run the country, or even why he may be better. 

Prior to Trump coming on stage on January 20, I was able to talk to some supporters at his rally about their thoughts on his campaign and what they may want to see from him if he wins this year. “I like what he did in the four years he was president. I would like to get back on that,” Steve, who refused to give his last name, said. He proceeded to talk about how Trump is a good option, but then spoke on, “I don’t like the way all the prices are. I do not like what is happening to the young people in this country because of the prices of rents, food, gas, and vehicles. They’re just making it hard on the young people who are starting their lives, and I would like a change to that,” Steve said. 

Ezekiel, who refused to give his last name, a very passionate Trump supporter shouts, “What I like about Trump is everything, and what I dislike about Trump is nothing. He is coming back stronger. He is coming back harder. He does not care what is trying to stop him. He is getting taken off the ballots in different states. This is a disgrace. It’s unamerican.” He continues to speak about his passion for Trump, but then said something very similar to Steve, which is about “I would love to see him invest in younger families. Invest in people who are trying to start families at a young age, and help with tax incentives,” Ezekiel said. 

Murrell Smith and other South Carolina speakers, from Nikki Haley’s homestate speak on Trump’s behalf about his character and ability to run this country, but after Murrell was finished speaking he chants, “Bring him back,” and the crowd chants aside him for a couple seconds afterwards.

During Trump’s two-hour rally he has a common pattern, which is avoid discussing issues, and speak on sensationalism through the media on his opponents. One opponent specifically is Nikki Haley. “NIKKI HALEY DOESN’T SUPPORT A BORDER WALL.” was projected onto the screen behind Trump, when in numerous rallies Nikki has said, “We don’t just need to have a border in southern territory, it’s the Northern border too.” Trump made remarks that were verbatim to Haley, by saying, “Catch and release? We’re gonna catch and deport.” Nikki said that phrase at two rallies I have been at during the New Hampshire primaries, and Trump has also said it at rallies as well. “HALEY SAID THAT 65 YEARS OLD IS ‘WAY TOO LOW’ OF A RETIREMENT AGE.” Trump has projected on a screen behind him. Haley has not once said what she believes the retirement age should be. She has yet to speak on it.

As this rally is ending Trump finally addresses issues ranging from:

  • “I will end Joe Biden’s inflation catastrophe and we will drill baby drill.” 
  • “Before I take off to the oval office when I win, I’ll end the Ukrainian and Russian war. I am friends with Putin, he’s a nice guy.” 
  • “I will keep men out of women’s sports.” 
  • “I will ALWAYS support the second amendment.” 
  • “I will fix Joe Biden’s mess.” 

Trump did not go into detail about why, or even how he would help resolve these issues. “ We are a nation that is no longer admired, respected, or listened to on the world’s stage. Which we are a nation that in many ways is now a joke. And we are a nation that is hostile to liberty, freedom, faith, and even God,” Trump said. 

Trump took that vulnerability and he speaks on how he is a victim to the news. After his sensational speech he says, “We will make America great again. We will make America powerful again. We will make America wealthy again. We will make America strong again. We will make America proud again. We will make America safe again. And we will make America great again.”

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