The Top Concerns of Voters in 2024

For many politicians, the results of the first primary state can either break or make their campaign, which is why every four years the state of New Hampshire becomes the center of American politics.  Voters across the country have poured into the small state of

Presidential Hopefuls

Donald Picard

Donald Picard and his husband were the first male gay couple to be married in Massachusetts and were very active in getting their rights to do so, which has inspired Mr. Picard’s mentality towards the nation. Because of his experience, Mr. Picard says “I know

Presidential Hopefuls

Hirsh V. Singh

Despite only making up 2% of the U.S. population, Indian Americans are notably making their voice heard on the U.S. political stage from the election of VP Kamala Harris to the five Indian-Americans represented in Congress. Hirsh V. Singh is part of a relatively small