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Who are the #YangGang?

Andrew Yang, 2020 Democratic candidate, has an acute unusual following, the YangGang. The self proclaimed YangGang joined forces with Andrew Yang in support during the New Hampshire Primary weekend. Join Mikyhial, as he takes you deeper into the hidden world of the YangGang, and their

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Humans of 2020

Michala Butler Humans of 2020             Manchester New Hampshire, a state where people come from all over the world to witness, study, and participate in the first Presidential primary of 2020. Through creating an Instagram page called Humans of 2020 it was a look


City and State Officials Say It’s All Good

New Hampshire is open for business. Multiple state officials said the economic impact of the nation’s first presidential primary is felt statewide in New Hampshire. This is true especially in Manchester where national media outlets set up shop and democracy tourists set up camp in anticipation of Tuesday’s vote.    City officials were


Trump Challenger Makes His Case

Former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld presented himself the savior of the GOP while also fielding questions from Granite State voters at the Whipple Free Library in New Boston on Saturday morning. Weld focused on various aspects of his policy positions throughout the Town Hall. With the

Ben Gleib

From Stand-Up Comedy to the Primary Ballot: Ben Gleib’s Story If you Google Ben Gleib, you’ll recognize him first and foremost as an accomplished comedian. Born and raised in Los Angeles, he was constantly surrounded by the entertainment industry. In high school and college, Gleib

Robby Wells

In the American South, a 12-year-old boy went to see a football game–Alabama vs. Ole Miss– with his Dad. At half time, the boy told his father that he wanted to be a coach one day. Years later, he went on to both play and

William Murphy

When the Murphy family played Trivial Pursuit, William Murphy would always win by choosing questions from the history category, a subject he teaches at the local high school, said Cynthia Murphy, his adopted daughter, in a phone interview. But occasionally, Cynthia Murphy would outsmart him

President R19 Boddie

Swirling gold and green lights, a sudden rush of wind, a booming voice with no discernable speaker. President R19 Boddie says he has developed a comfortable rapport with God that goes all the way back to their first interaction when he was seven years old.

Michael Ellinger

While working on his master’s degree in government at Harvard University’s Extension School, Michael Ellinger is also pursuing another goal: he is running for President of the United States.  According to his campaign website, he decided to take on the challenge of earning his Master’s Degree