Henry Hewes

On  top of being a real estate developer, and more recently an author for the iowastandard.org since May 16, 2019 Henry F. Hewes has not always been active within the political atmosphere. Hewes made his first appearance in politics in 1988 when Hewes was the

Robert Ardini

In an increasingly polarized nation Republican Robert Ardini enters the presidential primary race offering “bipartisan solutions.” His slogan is “A Moderate Republican Even a Democrat Can Like.” Ardini is all set to begin his run at the Iowa caucus. His name will also appear on

Steve “Stoney” Burke

Steve “Stoney” Burke is running for President of the United States. Originally from New York City, Burke is an 83-year-old farmer and environmentalist currently raising cattle and horses in upstate NY. Burke’s urban, suburban, and rural background makes his campaign quite more unusual than others.

David John Thistle

David John Thistle is a retired veteran running on the 2020 presidential ballot. Formally serving as a Navy Seal, Thistle is now running in New Hampshire as a Democrat with plans to put his name on the Pennsylvania ballot. Originally from Massachusetts, Thistle is currently

Stephen B. Comley Sr.

Stephen B. Comley Sr., a 2020 Republican presidential candidate, is a pro-life, fiscal conservative, a staunch advocate for the Second Amendment, and increased safety and precautions for nuclear power plants. Comley is one of several candidates who paid $1,000 for their names to be represented

Matt Matern

Matt Matern is an attorney, entrepreneur, and philanthropist from Los Angeles, Calif., who is challenging Donald Trump by running for President to represent the Republican Party. According to Matern he believes that his legal background is a historically good training ground, qualifying him for President.

Larry Horn

After almost three decades of busy work on the fringes of active political life, Larry Horn, 65, said he could not help remaining passive while “the climate crisis is being pushed aside by everyone that’s in power.” In a phone interview, Horn said his interest

Samuel H. Sloan

Free college for all and free Medicare are two campaign promises that progressive Democrats are pushing. Samuel Howard Sloan disagrees with these views. He believes that the United States does not have enough money to support these programs. “Medicare for all, well, I am definitely

Thomas Koos

At the age of eight, Thomas George Koos knew he wanted to run for President of the United States. An intelligent child, he figured out that in 2000 he would be old enough to run for President. 27 years later in 2000, Koos fulfilled his

Bob Ely

This is the second time around Bob Ely is running for president. In 2012, Bob Ely ran on the Democratic ballot when Former President Barack Obama was running for reelection. Ely is a 61-year-old Yale Alumni investment banker working for Merrill Lynch and other companies.