Jason Dunlap

Meet Jason Evritte Dunlap: retired U.S. intelligence agent and aspiring “first geek President.” Dunlap refuses political donations, encouraging the funds to go to Flint, Michigan, Puerto Rico or to “legal help for immigrants being mistreated for seeking a better life,” he says in a phone

Zoltan Istvan

Zoltan Istvan has transitioned from being a National Geographic reporter to real estate mogul, and now a science fiction author who has his sights set on the presidency. Istvan, whose name sounds like that of a science fiction novel protagonist, has ideas for the nation

Roque De La Fuente

Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente, San Diego native and businessman, is the personification of the American Dream. He is running for the President of the United States as a Republican on the New Hampshire ballot in the 2020 race. According to his campaign web page,

Mary Maxwell

Mary Maxwell is a Republican candidate for President. She was born in Boston, a very well-educated town, she says in a recent interview. Her father was a schoolteacher, as well as her siblings. During her twenties, she moved around the continental U.S., living in various

Star Locke

Robert “Star” Locke is proud to be an American, but some of his most memorable experiences have come to him while he was traveling around the world. His travels have taken him across Europe and Asia, and he credits the lessons he learned there with

Mosie Boyd

Mosie Boyd is running for President of the United States.  If you search for her on Twitter, you’ll find some similar trends: “Who is Mosie Boyd? Why is she on the ballot?” A tweet that stood out was a photo of over a dozen campaign

Rick Kraft

A Presidential Commitment to Unity Rick Kraft- born to a missionary family working in Nigeria, resides as one of the top lawyers in New Mexico, is happily married to his wife Tanya, and is challenging Donald Trump, along with 48 other candidates, in the race

Mark Stewart

K. Andrea Salas, Temple University // Written on  January 31, 2020 “’Conserva-tarian’, Jeffersonian, JFK Democrat, small ‘l’  libertarian. What MLK and Barry Goldwater would want in a modern candidate” is how Mark Stewart is described on his 2020 presidential campaign website titled “Stewart for Liberty.”

Lorenz Kraus

When asked what will it take to beat President Trump, presidential candidate Lorenz Kraus’s response is to “be a true nationalist.” Lorenz Kraus, a 2020 presidential candidate on the New Hampshire ballot as a Democrat, lives in Albany N.Y., where he grew up.  “I began